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The Importance of Mediation

Unfortunately, every year thousands of couples file for divorce. When divorce is litigated, the financial and emotional toll on the family can be devastating. This is why more and more divorces are being handled through mediation rather than litigation.

What is a Gun Trust?

Let’s face it, obtaining certain firearms in the United States can be a difficult task. Title 2 firearms, like machine guns, suppressors, and short-barreled rifles and shotguns, require you to jump through many hoops in order to obtain one of these weapons.

What is a Probate?

Crafting your last will and testament can be an emotionally stressful situation. These feelings are only exaggerated when you realize how difficult the task of dividing up your estate will be for your family members one you have passed away. Here at the Alder Law Group, we understand your desire to keep matters as simple and straightforward as possible for your loved ones. That’s why we strive to provide the proper information to our clients about the estate planning process and what your options are.

Elder Law in Utah

With nearly 9% of Utah's population being 65 or older, Elder Law is an important legal field in the State. Elder Law includes many of the estate planning needs for seniors as well as settling long-term health and medical issues, and establishing a guardianship later in life should they need it. Here at Alder Law Group, we believe that all of our clients deserve the information on Elder Law necessary to make an informed decision.

Estate Planning for Single Parents

Estate planning is important for everyone, especially if you’re a single parent. Getting your finances in order is an important first step to ensuring your children are taken care of in case the unthinkable occurs. Estate planning will give you peace of mind.

As a parent, you might be worried about your children’s ability to manage an inheritance. You might be worried about their financial future. Proper estate planning will help assuage these fears.