Elder Law in Utah

With nearly 9% of Utah's population being 65 or older, Elder Law is an important legal field in the State. Elder Law includes many of the estate planning needs for seniors as well as settling long-term health and medical issues, and establishing a guardianship later in life should they need it. Here at Alder Law Group, we believe that all of our clients deserve the information on Elder Law necessary to make an informed decision.

Estate Planning

Drafting a last will and testament is crucial to determining the disposal of their assets and estate after they have passed away. This will have to pass through a probate to verify its authenticity before the estate is divided up. We specialize in living trusts, also known as revocable trusts, which allow the testator to retain full control of their will during their lifetime. Living trusts are growing in popularity because not only are you able to manage your assets, but they ensure privacy after you die, ensure that your successor trustee will be able to manage the estate for you if you’re incapacitated and avoid the probate process, if set up correctly.

Long-term Health and Medical Issues

Another important part of Elder Law deals with your long-term health and medical issues. Medicaid and other long-term health issues can be planned out accordingly so you can be sure you will always be looked after. Guardianship is similar to long-term health planning since this will determine who will be your legal guardian in the case that you lose the ability to make decisions for yourself, as is the case with dementia.

Guardianship is crucial since the person you designate will have the legal authority to look after and care for you. Additionally, your designated guardian will have the legal ability to look into assisted living care or nursing home situations for you if you are incapacitated. Factors to consider when choosing a legal guardian are who will look after your best interests, distance, and your relationship with the individual.

If you are living in Utah and are in need of Elder Law legal advice or action, the Alder Law Group is here to help. You can contact us here or call us at 801.463.2600 for a free legal consultation.