The Importance of Mediation

Unfortunately, every year thousands of couples file for divorce. When divorce is litigated, the financial and emotional toll on the family can be devastating. This is why more and more divorces are being handled through mediation rather than litigation.

Divorce is a difficult experience and litigation can only make things worse. And while you and your spouse may not agree on a lot in times of divorce, limiting the financial and emotional stress that accompanies the process is probably one of the few exceptions. As Utah’s most trusted law group, we have experience assisting our clients in mediating their disputes. To help our clients better understand mediation, we thought we would share the importance of mediation with our valued clients.

Financial Aspect

Divorce is not cheap and litigated divorce can run you thousands of dollars by the time the situation is straightened out. Mediated divorce, on the other hand, can cost only a couple hundred dollars. Additionally, with litigated divorce there is a great deal of time spent in preparation and court appearances. Time is money, and with mediated divorces you can often be finished with the process in a few hours.

Emotional Aspect

While financial stress can be a harmful side effect of divorce, the process is also emotionally taxing, especially on children. Mediation can help reduce the emotional strain divorce has on a person. Litigation, on the other hand, is drawn out and can open old wounds. Mediating a divorce can save a lot of pain for everyone involved.

Fair Outcome

No one is going to get everything they want when a divorce is filed, but litigation is often a lose-lose game. Persons who mediate their settlements are more likely to comply with the agreement. This is because mediation is handled differently than third party resolved disputes. The solutions in divorce cases are more likely to be agreed upon through mediation since the parties are involved in resolving the situation together, rather than going through the court process.

Mediation also allows more room for agreements to be customizable. No two situations are similar, and mediation allows each to be treated uniquely. Through mediation, the parties involved are also more likely to engage in a cooperative and amicable relationship that would be otherwise impossible to maintain through litigation.

If you are involved in an ongoing divorce and wish to try mediation as an alternative dispute resolution, you will need a lawyer with mediation skills. Luckily, the Alder Law group has experience participating in and assisting our clients with mediations in the greater Salt Lake City area. You can contact us here or call us at 801.463.2600.