Practice Areas

Salt Lake City Estate Planning and Family Law Attorneys

When you are looking for a qualified law firm to represent you and give you legal counsel, we understand that you want the very best. At Alder Law Group, we are passionate about delivering the finest legal services and are proud of our quality reputation. We seek to cultivate a lasting relationship with all of our clients and are passionate about taking care of people for a lifetime–not just for a couple of months.

We are passionate about taking care of our clients, and we always make sure to put their needs first. If you work with us, you can rest assured that your best interests will be put first.

Some of our practice areas include:

  • Estate Planning/Probate: Estate Planning and probate law deal with the practice areas involving what a person owns. A person's estate is the sum of their assets. This may include property, funds and entitlements.
  • Family Law: Family Law is the area of legal practice that deals with family-related matters, including domestic disputes. Generally, family law include the areas of marriage and domestic partnership disputes, child custody, child support and alimony.
  • Elder Law: Elder Law is the legal area that deals with disputes concerning elderly citizens. This often includes disputes concerning guardianship, Medicaid and disability services, and estate planning and administration.
  • NFA Trusts: The National Firearms Act was made in 1934 and requires all firearms to be registered and all sales of firearms to be taxed. A gun trust often allows firearms to move in-between trustees provided the proper records are maintained.
  • Special Needs Planning: Special Needs Planning often falls under the umbrella of Medicare and Medicaid planning. Find out how our firm is qualified to assist you with this area.
  • Pet Trusts: A pet trust is a legal arrangement to provide for a pet after its owner dies. This is especially popular for long-living pets.
  • Utah Adoption Attorneys: Helping Utahns give loving homes to deserving children - expanding homes and families.

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