Divorce Attorneys in Salt Lake City, Utah

Divorce is never easy, but it can be easier. At Adler Law Group, we help clients achieve the most amicable divorce possible.

Ask yourself: would you rather spend your valuable resources, such as time and money, on getting a settlement or spend resources on fighting with your spouse? The choice is clear for most of our clients. Through reasonable solutions, we help people choose their own divorce on their terms.

The Adler Law Group takes a more involved approach to settling difficult cases. We avoid unhelpful fights that cost a lot but accomplish very little. We believe managing conflict is better than creating it. We also believe skillful negotiation and compassionate actions work most effectively and produce better results.

Every client is unique. Solutions need to be customized for your specific circumstances. We believe we can carefully shape the negotiation process so that the agreements will be durable and you (and any children involved) will be as happy as possible.

If you’re thinking about divorce, please give us a call. We can answer any questions that you may have about Utah law, the divorce process, or we can help with child custody issues.