Due to increasing demand, we have recently decided to offer two differing approaches to the Gold Edition Gun Trust.

BASIC DYNASTY TRUST - (Beat "the Feinstein ban" trust)

This standardized Gold Edition Gun Trust is intended to keep all your weapons (NFA or Assault Weapons, especially) in trust for up to 1,000 years. If Senator Feinstein is successful in passing legislation like that existing in California, which would prohibit the future transfer of your assault weapons, making them contraband upon your death, this trust will ensure that there is no future transfer, providing an effective work-around to these limitations.

This trust level also permits multi-state administration (permit trustees in multiple states to be in possession of NFA weapons). The base price for this basic dynasty trust is $1,000.

To create the Basic Dynasty Trust, please fill out this GOLD INTAKE FORM and either fax it or email it to us.


Our customized version is the best choice for gun owners who:

  • require special Trustee provisions and usage requirements
  • intend to donate remaining firearms to benefit a charity
  • wish to create a cash annuity for selected family members or friends
  • protect their firearms against creditors using asset protection trust statutes or LLCs, or a trust/LLC combination

Whatever your unique goals might be, our Gold Edition Gun Trust is customized to accomplish them. It is specific trust planning at its finest. A reasonable and fair fee is quoted once the planning goals and proposed solutions are clearly understood and agreed upon.

To create a Gold Edition Gun Trust with more customized features than are available in the basic dynasty trust, please contact our office for a free initial consultation.