Utah Mediation Lawyer

Every year, thousands of couples get a divorce. The process is always hard, but it doesn’t have to turn ugly. If you’re interested in preserving family connections during and after a divorce, protecting your children, and avoiding expensive litigation, mediation could be the perfect solution for your situation. Mediation has become more common due to its many benefits. Many families have successfully resolved divorce and other family disputes using mediation. Here are some things to consider if you are experiencing a family dispute:

  • Mediation lets people take control of their situation by creating their own agreements opposed to surrendering their power to the courts. However, the flexibility of mediation allows people to use lawyers and other professionals if needed.
  • Often, people are more satisfied with the terms and outcomes of mediation. People can create customized agreements with solutions that are not available to a judge.
  • Because mediation is focused on solving problems and building agreement, people are able to mitigate the damage to a long-term relationship. This is especially true for divorcing couples who must co-parent their children after the divorce.
  • Mediation is far less costly than the alternative – emotionally and financially.

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