Utah Visitation Schedule

Determining a fair visitation schedule for child custody cases can be extremely complicated. Custody cases in Utah are governed through the custody section in the state’s divorce statutes to determine whether the custody order should go to one of the parents, both parents or to a third family member such as grandparents.

Laying out a fair visitation schedule is not easy. The court has to look out for the best interest of the child or children involved in the custody case to reach a decision about which parent should have custodial responsibility to the child or children. The non-custodial parent has the legal right to visitation so long as the children are not in harms way with parent.


Typically, both parents of the children involved in the custody case have the option of deciding upon a fair visitation schedule. If the parents cannot reach a conclusion about a fair visitation schedule, Utah has laid out minimum requirements for visitation rights. If the visitation rights and custody is disputed by the couple the state will try to determine what is in the best interest of the child or children involved in the custody case. This decision is determined by a number of general factors such as the parent's conduct and moral standards as well as the nature of the parent-child relationship.

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