We just heard from Chase Bank and they said that was the best-drafted trust they'd ever seen! - A. D. and B. L.

I have dealt several times with Jim Alder, of the Alder Law Group with suppressor purchases and Gun Trusts. He is very good to work with - professional, thorough, and very knowledgeable. As I read through your web pages and saw the various testimonials of other attorneys who are good to work with, The Alder Group and Jim Alder immediately came to mind, and I thought you would be interested to know of his absolute superior capabilities. - Mitch, Gun Show Owner

Jim knows his stuff! Our Private Client Services Group reviewed one of his trusts and said it was outstanding! - E. J. Financial Advisor

Jim does a very impressive and complete gun trust. - Mitch, J.D.

Jim helped us with our Will and related documents. He is a great lawyer. He is very professional, and knowledgeable. Besides getting things done in the most efficient and effective manner, he was always willing to answer our questions. We highly recommend his services; we were very satisfied with the whole experience. - Alexandra

Jim Alder has helped my family with Guardian, Conservator, and Probate matters for several years. He has always been very professional and personable in providing legal advice, assistance, and representation. Jim recently responded immediately to a couple of urgent situations. Both required further investigation and consultation on his part to give me the specific, individual advice I needed. His timely effort and service was greatly appreciated. I highly recommend him. - Rand

Jim helped me set up my living trust and took the time to really listen to my concerns and address my needs. Jim was very professional and took time to create a trust that was specific to my circumstances. He continues to follow up with me to make sure that my trust remaines effective. Jim is a genuinely caring professional. His realistic approach is repectful and straightforward. He treated me with dignity and respect. I highly recommend him and his services. - An estate planning client

Jim helped me plan and complete my will. When I contacted Jim, he responded quickly to all of my questions. I feel like he helped me to make good decisions for my future. Jim was competent, precise, and trustworthy. Jim asked questions about me and my circumstances so that my will was completed exactly how I wanted it to be; I feel like if I pass away, there will be no questions about how my estate should be handled. More importantly, should I be in a position that I am unable to make decisions, my family will know how I want to be taken care of. When the process was complete, I had no remaining questions and felt completely at ease about my estate should something happen to me. I am confident that should something happen to me, my family, friends, and estate will be taken care of the way I want them to be taken care of. I am completely satisfied with the services that Jim provided for me. - Dawn